Feel Like James Bond: Locate ANYTHING With Your Smartphone

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World's #1 Tracker Announces Stealthiest, Most Precise Version Yet

It’s time to admit something.

We’ve spent more time than we’d like to say drooling over the amazing gadgets we see on the big screen.

Whether it’s Bond, Bourne, or Hunt, we can’t help daydreaming about the day the sci-fi level gadgets they use are finally available for purchase.

And, as dedicated tech nerds we also can’t help letting out a deep sigh of frustration every time we remember that 99% of that stuff is nowhere close to existing.

But, thankfully this is one of those joyous occasions where we get to announce that something fit for an action hero just hit the market!

Track Anything You Want

The XY Find It, which isn’t much bigger than a quarter, can show you its exact location on a map on your smartphone.

You just open the box, sync it to your phone, and attach it to anything you don’t want to lose. That’s it.

This 30 gram device is the simplest way to locate your car, bike, backpack, wallet, handbag, pets...the list goes on.

As if it could get any better, it only costs $29.

It’s just a single payment; there are no subscriptions to sign up for to keep it working!

No wonder 5 million have already been sold… and counting!

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The Best Tracker We’ve Tested

We’ve seen a lot of tracking devices come and go.

Unfortunately, most of them are riddled with problems.

Some have low range, others have a pointlessly short battery life...

But after rigorously testing the XY Find It, we can vouch that this thing is the real deal!

It’s got 3x the range, 5x the battery life, and 8x the volume of the next leading competitor.

Not to mention it’s small, easy to use, and will save you a ton of time looking for lost items, or worse, the heartbreak of losing something you care about for good.

Get the Latest Tech for the Lowest Price

If you’ve ever priced out what it costs for a reliable car tracking system, you’ll understand why I never did it...despite considering it for years.

It seemed like the only way to get a quality product was to pay a king’s ransom in installation fees...

And, continue paying subscription fees every month!

That’s why we truly believe the XY Find It is such a steal.

There is nothing else on the market of this caliber for only $29! Not even close.

For $29 dollars, and about 2 minutes of setup, your car can have its own tracking system!

I for one, am glad that I waited for something like this to come along. If I was stuck paying monthly fees when I found out this existed, I think cartoon steam would start pouring out of my ears!

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Too Good to be True?

We tend to live by the motto: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

But, one look under the hood of the XY Find It converted me into a believer...

The engineers of the XY Find It were able to cram the most sensitive and precise hardware available into this tiny device!

And they had the forethought to include long-term practicality.

Unlike a lot of other sleek gadgets that basically turn into paperweights once the battery fails, this thing runs on a battery that can easily be replaced for for about $1 and lasts over 5 years!

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But... How Does It Work?

As I’ve already suggested, it’s super quick to put the XY Find It to work.

You can do it in about 2 minutes!

Simply pair it with your smartphone (either Android or iOS) and download the free application, which gives you access to the tracking software.

Once that’s done, just attach it to your keychain, your wallet or literally any other object you don’t want to lose.

Whenever you need to, just open the application on your phone to see the precise location of your missing object.

Even if you’re out of range, simply select “find device” and you’ll get the coordinates of the last known location, giving you the perfect place to start looking.

Where Can I Get It?

The newest version of XY Find It is selling out quickly, but you can check availability on the official site.

UPDATE: Get 2 Free XY Find It's Today!

For a limited time, when you buy 3 units, you’ll get 2 FREE!

They've applied a 35% discount for all of our readers, and have provided us with special links so that your discount applies to their products when you visit their site from our page.

But, we don't expect them to last long at this price!

You Can Track Literally Anything!

Because of its size, you can use the XY Find It to track absolutely anything you care about.

Because we’re super nice, we came up with a few ideas for you:

1) Use the sticky side to attach it under your bike seat or on your laptop/tablet

2) Slide it into the pocket of your wallet, briefcase, or suitcase (perfect for travelers).

3) Use the split ring hole to attach it to your keys, or your pet’s collar.

4) You can even engrave the surface of the XY Find It with your information for added peace of mind!

Whatever you want to keep track of, we think this is the best option on the market. And something that everyone should own at least one of!


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TIP: XY Find It makes a great gift!