Walking with MindInsole Massaging Insoles Helped Me Accelerate My Weight Loss

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I’ve tried dieting, cutting carbs, and even fasting to lose weight, but after a while I just seemed to reach a “plateau” where I couldn’t drop another ounce!

But when I went to yoga class, I saw so many men and women who were super slim. Most of them didn’t even watch their diet at all.

Was there some other secret or biological mechanism at work that helped all these people stay so slim??

That’s when I looked at the shoes lined up in front of the yoga mats… most of them had this strange insert inside. It looked almost like there were embedded diamonds and gems!

That’s how I learned the secret of how my yoga friends stayed so slim!!

I love a good foot massage, or any sort of massage, really. So when I ordered a set of Mindinsoles, I couldn't wait to slip them into my shoes and see if they made a difference in the way I felt. Mindinsoles combine powerful rare earth magnets with stimulating reflexology pressure points to massage your feet and stimulate your circulation.

As you know, reflexology is the practice that correlates areas of your feet to other parts of the body. Your brain, for instance, is related to your big toe. Other parts of the body are connected to the soles of the feet too. Stomach, pancreas, intestines… just about everything. This actually has been known for thousands of years in many cultures.

And as we can all agree, a good foot massage does wonderfully good for your body and mind.

I always feel refreshed after having a foot rub. Research does show that massages can tremendously lower stress hormones.

Using the Mindinsoles, I was able to work out my body all day long just by walking. No more strenuous routines!

Mary Fox

I feel so much better using these insoles. Its like my whole body has more energy and feels aligned.

Michael P.

So, I slipped in the insoles and went for a walk. What I liked about these things is that you can trim them to fit your shoes perfectly, which I did. The insoles are covered with nodules that apply gentle pressure to "vital acupressure points" on your feet. There are powerful rare-earth magnets to stimulate your biological health and give you a comfy, massage-like feeling with every step!

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Like the deep kneading of a massage therapist, these insoles help stimulate well-being throughout the body and relieve foot pain. Magnets are embedded in the insoles, helping to increase circulation, while air holes help keep your feet dry and cool.

Modern science is now recognizing what the Chinese and others have known for more than 5,000 years. Magnetic fields and reflexology acupressure applied to the soles of the feet probably has a beneficial effect on disturbances of the inner organs which may lead to obesity and digestive disorders. Additionally, there are studies that find that magnetic reflexology might work faster to help your body eliminate or reduce unhealthy fats better than any form of dieting, fasting, or dangerous weight loss pills!

Balance Your Qi Naturally With Mindinsole

Mindinsoles help you benefit from the knowledge of Chinese acupressure. Chinese therapists believe there are precise points on the soles of the feet which can cause you to lose weight. These “trigger points” may have an effect on the stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and bladder. They literally “give your body orders” to slim down automatically no matter how much extra weight you have!

Just Walk Normally With Mindinsoles and Try It For Yourself.
Many Say The Weight Drops Right Off!

You might start to constantly get thinner and be able to control your weight from now on! Just slip Mindinsole into any shoe and forget difficult diets, expensive pills, or dangerous fasting!

Alissa Davis
July 28

I walked my way to a better body thanks to #MindInSole. I am no longer embarrassed ..... #MindInSoleForLife

Bryan M
July 22

My feet hurt less, my legs are not sore, and I feel like I have so much more energy since I started using Mindinsoles. After a long day at work, I still feel like I have enough energy to take my dog out for a long walk.

Some of our happy customers say that the weight loss they experienced is astonishing. They have lost 10, 20, 30, even 50 pounds in a short period of time. They attribute it all to the reflexology treatment from walking with the Mindinsoles.

Just put Mindinsoles into your shoes or sneakers and walk normally. After that, discover for yourself if you start to lose weight. After all, the unwanted body fat might start to melt away.

Imagine How Great You’ll Feel With Every Step!

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