Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner Is Clearly Superior

Why People Who Wear Glasses Are Calling This Product Essential. Cheap And Easy To Use Has Forever Changed Cleaning Glasses.

Whether you wear glasses because you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or just love a pair of slick shades on a sunny day, we’re willing to bet you’ve experienced the unrivaled frustration of trying to keep them clean!

We’ve found the perfect solution!

This is a relatively new product that is quickly picking up steam among glasses wearers of all kinds. The eyeglass cleaner uses a unique carbon compound to safely remove dust and oil from the face and fingers from your glasses. And unlike disposable wipes, you get over 500 cleanings without adding to the landfill. It’s a win for you and the environment!

This Is Literally What NASA Uses To Clean Glass In OUTER SPACE

The technology is literally out of this world. NASA trusts it so much they will only use this in their Space Station. And NASA isn't the only big dog to use this, the U.S military uses the carbon cleaner for many different purposes.

Why are they using the carbon cleaner, what makes it better than other methods? First of all, as every glasses wearer knows, the cleaning apparatus itself will get dirty, quickly. There is no maintenance or cleaning when you use the !

That's right, 500 cleanings and the only thing you're cleaning is your glasses!

After 750 Uses We Concluded They Will Not Scratch Your Glasses

This seems so simple, right!? Well, if you're one of millions who have purchased a cleaner in the past you know there's always 1 of 2 main problems: 1.) They don't get everything on the glasses, mainly those damn smudges and fingerprints. 2.) After maybe 20 uses you will start to see the tiniest scratches show up. And, of course they get worse and worse after each use and you're eventually forced to replace the lenses.

Carbon and glass, it's like an odd couple. They seem like they'd be terrible for each other but instead they're perfect for each other! The Cleaning Tips are covered with a special Invisible Carbon compound that removes the fingerprint oils while also attracting all dust and particles.

So, instead of smearing the oils and pushing the dust into your lens you are actually cleaning your glasses. The results are impressive to say the least!

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The Quickest Method Also Cleans The Best

Very few materials can be used to clean glasses without scratching them. But none of the materials can clean everything; dust, oil, fingerprints, and particles. None of them except . And no smearing! That's music to your ears we're sure.

While cloths work, they only work well a handful of times before they need to be cleaned. They tend to smear oil instead of removing it, which is the bane of some's existence.

You can run warm water over your glasses, use a little detergent and then dry off with a cotton cloth. This takes a little more time, uses unnecessary water and also requires cleaning afterwards.

is the easiest method with no cleaning. You simply pull it out of it's case clean your glasses and put it right back in the case. Easy as that! Cleans the best and the quickest, sounds like a winner to me.

With The Crystal Clear Advantages of It's Time To See What We're Talking About


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